Now is the time for ...

Hi All, 
I hope you're alive and well. Let's cut to it...we need a LoatheCast episode during these times. I had a militant Call To Arms written, but I deleted it. 

This is your missive:
I miss you all and want to use our old format to be creative, share our worlds and lives with one another and have some fun. 

We can do this very simply. Record something on your phone and send it in. I don't want to edit your stuff, so keep it simple, but make it a message that has an ending (a beginning, middle AND end is desirable, but not needed)
Tell me/us what your Quarantine life is.Tell us what you do and why you're quarantined/ self-isolated/ still working. 

I'd like this to be a slightly more intimate check in than the Face-gram, Insta-Book stuff, but play it how you want. This is for fun and family,  friends and frivolity. Don't over-think it. 

I'd like a 2:30  video from each of you by April 10. There's your deadline. If you need to push it (I know some of us will) midnight of 4/10/20 is acceptable. 

You don't have to make the full 2:30, but it'd be helpful if you did.

Send your stuff to:
Thank you for at least reading this,